What we do

J & G Marshall Ltd is a company created to help schools not just understand the academy conversion process, but to navigate successfully and effectively through it.

Our support grows with you. We have the credentials and experience to help MATs grow and flourish. We can highlight your strengths and signpost areas to develop before they become critical concerns. This understanding is a vital part of a healthy academy trust.

Our aim is to be a long-term partner, allowing educationalists to focus on outcomes, and our team of experts to ensure the framework is in place for your school and MAT to flourish.

That is why we have developed a suite of services to support you from the moment the idea for a Trust is conceived, through to growth and due diligence.

Our services include:


"Since our initial conversion in 2015 Jeff has worked with us on converting another school into the MAT as well as providing support with due diligence on other schools and academies to make sure that we are fully informed in all aspects of the schools before we agree for other schools to join us. The level of detail and information that Jeff’s team have given us has ensured that our Directors are confident in making informed decisions about our growth strategy. This vital work ensures that we are not risking our existing schools by making poor decisions."

Dan Thomas, CEO, The Learning for Life Partnership