I started talking about the building blocks of the academy programme in 2013 as the number of conversions continued to grow. By then, we’d had three years of schools looking over the fence and liking what they saw. Conversion numbers grew, the programme gained strength and and the sector gained credence – not in all […]

Newspaper headline writers have had quite a bit to focus on in 2019. There is a little thing called Brexit, Mr Trump’s wall and the driving ability of members of Royalty have all captured the front pages. You could be forgiven for thinking that there was little else of significance going on in public policy. […]

I was at the Academies Show in Birmingham. As I stood there I heard delegates saying they were hearing the same old presentations and seeing the same old products. It was all a little droll – even if I was saying the same! Yet, one presentation soon got people talking. As Schools Week reported, the academies minister, Lord […]

J & G Marshall is delighted to be launching two free CPD events to help and support education leaders; whether they be headteachers, business managers, governors or trustees. Both events will be held on January 22 2019 at The Centre at Birchwood Park. Refreshments will be provided and multiple guests are welcome from the same […]

The first half term is drawing to a close and we are all crawling to our first break. This only means one thing… the first meetings of governors and trustees are taking place up and down the country. Let’s cut to the chase. Governors and trustees are an important and undervalued component in the education […]

Over the last couple of weeks, a couple of things have caught my attention on television…bear with me on this one. Firstly, and somewhat unsurprisingly, the Panorama investigation into Bright Tribe was compulsory viewing in our household. It would be fair to say that it had me ranting at the TV screen and Juno, my beloved […]

Academisation is something that everyone in the education sector has a view on. There are those who are passionate about the opportunities on offer, and then there are those who question effectiveness and transparency. It is a topic that inspires passion and debate. Yet, of all the headlines and column inches, how many articles have […]

Section 139(1) of The Employment Rights Act 1996 states the definition of redundancy as follows:- ‘An employee who is dismissed shall be taken to be dismissed by reason of redundancy if the dismissal is wholly or mainly attributable to – (a) the fact that his employer has ceased or intends to cease – (i) to […]