Got any questions for us? Take a look below at some of the Frequently Asked Questions that people have about us and the academisation process in general.

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How do academies differ from LA schools?

Academies have a lot more freedom in how they run themselves. They don’t have to follow the national curriculum and can set their own term times, teachers’ salaries and more. However, they still have to follow the same rules on admissions, special educational needs and exclusions as other state schools. They receive their funding directly from the government, rather than from the Local Authority, and therefore, have complete control over how they use it.

How does a school convert to an academy?

The process begins with applying to convert online via the government website. Providing your application is successful, you can move on to the next step and get the ball rolling on transforming into an academy. There can be a lot of legwork involved with legal paperwork in becoming an academy, which can be a hassle when you’re trying to run your school at the same time. But that’s what we’re here for! For the simplest transition into an academy, get in touch and we can guide you through it and take care of everything, leaving you to do what you do best – educate your students.

How long does conversion take?

The process typically takes around 4-6 months, although it can take longer for religious schools due to more complex property issues being involved.

How much does it cost to convert?

£12,500 (plus VAT) – that is, if you choose J&G! Many other competitors will charge a lot more, often the full £25,000 grant you receive to aid your conversion.

Is there funding for conversion?

Yes. There is a government grant of £25,000 available to any school that successfully applies to become an academy. Whereas a lot of our competitors will conveniently charge most, if not all, of the grant, J&G only charges half of this for our services, meaning the rest of the grant money is available for you to reinvest in your newly formed academy, as you see fit.

What are our options for conversion? Go it alone, or join someone else?

Schools that receive an “Outstanding” or a “Good with Outstanding qualities” report from OFSTED automatically qualify as eligible to become academies. Schools with slightly lower reports can still become academies, but it may be necessary to convert simultaneously alongside other schools of similar standing in order to aid each other’s progress. Schools that automatically qualify because of their high OFSTED grades are also still expected to aid any other schools in the area that would like to become academies. There are several forms of partnership which schools can enter together, such as Multi-Academy Trusts or Umbrella Trusts.

What is a multi-academy trust

In a multi-academy trust (MAT) all schools are governed by a single board of directors, and the entire trust is a single legal entity. The MAT is responsible for decisions relating to how each academy is run and is ultimately accountable for each of the schools.

What is an academy?

Academies are publicly funded, independently run schools.

They are still monitored by Ofsted and accountable to the Department for Education, but there is greater opportunity to develop models about how the school is run.